ART PAPERS Auction + FREE ART From Me!

Im a little bummed I won't be able to make it to the ART PAPERS auction this year. But I'll be hanging with my new little bae so I'll be okay :). This year I'll just live through you and your Instagram!

In honor of ART PAPERS new auction location, 

BoBo Intriguing Objects in Atlanta’s Westside Design District - 1235 Chattahoochee Ave NW Atlanta 30318

I've donated a rather large film still (27"x40") and I can't wait to see who snags it up at the auction. Tickets available now - Feb 20&21 in Atlanta. 


I am excited to see all the pictures you post! And in case you haven't already heard from my Instagram account {@metallicseafoam} I've decided to give away even more art! Whoever snags my piece at the auction with the highest bid at closing time, takes an Instagram pic using the hashtag #haileylowefennell and follows my account @metallicseafoam will be sent another film still from me - framed, about 16"x20", free!

Okay so you bid on my piece but didn't win? Well, I have some extra small 4"x6" film stills laying around my studio that I oh so need to organize! So - why don't you snap an Instagram in front of my piece, use the hashtag #haileylowefennell and I'll send you one on me. 

Didn't bid on my work? I'll forgive. Repeat the steps above and I'll honor the same thing - a free little piece from me to you! Just by snapping a pic next to my work!

After I see all your hashtags and pics from that night I'll contact you for your address. Afraid I didn't see it? Shoot me an email or comment on my Instagram - I'm always there. 

Happy auctioning! Win some good ones and show me what you got!!

xxoo, Hailey 

see you on Instagram @metallicseafoam

I Love Libby

If you've ever come across one of Libby Williams photos you will be in love. It's a subtle love, a quiet and pretty love. I can spot one from anywhere on the Internet. Her photos are soft and real and the people in them look like themselves. That's my favorite part. She has the ability to capture people in their best moments without having to go crazy on the editing. It's probably because you won't even notice the camera when she's around - that's how comfortable you will be with her. A photo shoot with her is like talking with your best friend who just happens to be an incredibly talented photog. 

Auntie Libby with my daughter. 

Auntie Libby with my daughter. 

I met Libby about two years ago when my husband and I got engaged. She is a close family friend on his side (now our side), shot the beautiful photos for my gorgeous sister in laws wedding and when I met her it was the obvious choice for our wedding. We decided to skip the engagement photo sess and opted to have Libby with us the entire wedding weekend. She took pictures for both the rehearsal dinner and wedding. It felt like having another close family member laugh and cry and be with us all weekend. I never once felt like I was getting my picture taken, or had those awkward, tired smile moments - move here, turn chin there - moments. She just took amazing pictures that captured the heart and soul of that weekend. I never once worried about it - because Libby is the bomb. 

Our wedding day. Photo by Libby.

Our wedding day. Photo by Libby.

She shot the first professional photos of our baby girl at two weeks old. I've never been more in love with a photo! It wasn't that long ago (at all) but looking at those photos makes me so nostalgic for those early weeks with a new baby. A feeling I know I will have forever when I look at her work from that day. And she just shot some new photos of little bae and me working away in the studio that I will share soon. She just left our house and I feel totally relaxed and don't even remember a camera in my face - she's that good. 

Goldie at 2 weeks. Photo by Libby.

Goldie at 2 weeks. Photo by Libby.

I just love Libby. 

She photographs a large array of subjects for a ton of people in varying fields. 

If you follow the Charleston Shop Curator on Instagram (you should) then you've already come across the photos Libby has taken with her and have most likely double tapped them. You can follow here. Libby captures the best little moments of Andrea Serrano all clad in Charleston's greatest. 

And if you're a lover of really great blogs with an authentic and interesting voice, then you will want to follow Libby's words too. Here. And lovely lovely Instagram here

Crushing on These Farmers!

I told you grandmas are the coolest. And I want to add that grandpas are too. Just take a look at this couple. Not only is Karen a well known psychotherapist but she is one hot farmer. Yes, farmer! All alongside her husband, Steve, the ultimate patriarch of our family who is quick witted, smart and the best buddy to all the grandkids. 

Goldie meets her Grandparents, Steve and Karen of Happy Earth Farm

Goldie meets her Grandparents, Steve and Karen of Happy Earth Farm

I love these grandparents for many reasons, but the main one has to be their sense of adventure that they cultivate together. A few years ago my mom and dad in law sold their beautiful home in Old Village - just across the bridge from Charleston in Mount Pleasant, SC - and bought some land in Aiken, SC. 

If you live in Aiken, you probably know exactly who I am talking about - Karen and Steve Fennell of Happy Earth Farm. They grow organic produce, raise chickens and turkeys, and are about to embark on the adventure of raising cows for meat. (You can expect more on all of this in a future post.) In the past decade they have gone from city life in Chicago to sailing through the Caribbean, living on a boat in the Charleston Harbor to the aforementioned Old Village home that they built themselves with the helping hand of my talented husband, and finally to their current residence on a beautiful farm in Aiken, SC. That may be a run on sentence, but it seemed necessary to convey how incredible their adventures together have been!

She's a grandma! Karen Fennell of Happy Earth Farm - more fit than anyone I know.

She's a grandma! Karen Fennell of Happy Earth Farm - more fit than anyone I know.

Happy Earth Farm is exactly what it sounds like. And if you ever find yourself in Aiken, be sure to stop by the farmer's market to say hello. You can find out more about that here.

Steve with the daily herd. He knows how to get their attention. These Turkeys sold out for Thanksgiving this year. You might want to get your order in now for 2015.

Steve with the daily herd. He knows how to get their attention. These Turkeys sold out for Thanksgiving this year. You might want to get your order in now for 2015.

Still curious about Happy Earth Farm? You are in luck! Karen happens to be an excellent writer and you can follow along here.

My Mom is Pretty Cool.

In honor of Valentine's week (yea I'm a big fan of this day!) I'd like to share a little about a few of the loves in my life. First up...

Ma to me - Nene to my sweet daughter. There are a lot of reasons why I love my mom so much. So I'll try to cover just a few. 

Janey Lowe, The Lowe Baumann Group, Image from This Photographer's Life Blog

Janey Lowe, The Lowe Baumann Group, Image from This Photographer's Life Blog

She knew I was an artist before I did. She has always encouraged me to nourish my creativity. She even told me I should major in Fine Art in college, advice I didn't take until grad school. There are not many parents that encourage their kids to be artists, but my mom is head of the committee. She majored in Art History in college, so the fact that she's a fan of my work means a lot to me. Some may argue that she has to be my biggest fan as my mom, and you're right - she does. But, she's also rather honest and isn't afraid to tell me what she thinks is working and what is not. She's not blunt, she's confidant and I love her for that. 

As some of you know Janey Lowe, the original J. Lowe, is a hot real estate agent in Atlanta. I mean that in both senses of the word :). She's number one company wide at Beacham and her team always has some enviable homes at their fingertips. 

I grew up going to open houses and popping in homes under construction with my mom, whether or not we had permission. As a kid, I loved going on these little adventures and getting to peek inside some truly amazing Atlanta homes. Honestly, I've seen hundreds and feel lucky to have been raised by the women who sold them all! I've seen remodeled and renovated vintage homes from the 1920's to brand new moderns all strewn about Buckhead and greater Atlanta. Now, I have an obsession with seeing how other people style their homes, renovate, build and redo. (It's a good thing I married a builder.) I'm constantly inspired by all the little details. 

I also want to point out that my mom has mad style. Both in her closet and her home. On a weekend visit to Atlanta, you can find me awing at her shoe collection. Read more about that on Blayne's blog, This Photographer's Life, here. I can honestly say that her keen eye and love for statement pieces plays a major role in how I work as a designer and artist today. Love you, Ma!

P.S. Follow her team on Instagram @lowebaumanngroup  to see behind the scenes looks at some Atlanta homes! 

Want more than just a peek inside some of her homes for sale? Go ahead, be a voyeur - click here

Gregg Irby Gallery

Gregg Irby Gallery gets a new location, new look and more new emerging artists!


I met Gregg over 5 years and was lucky enough to have her as my first boss after undergrad. She was a dream boss! I worked for the gallery for 3 years and loved every minute of it. Not only did I get to meet all of her amazing artists (either in person or via emails and phone calls), but I also met some great designers and got to see amazing Atlanta homes during installs and consults.

Hailey Lowe Fennell, 18"x24", mixed media on paper $375

Hailey Lowe Fennell, 18"x24", mixed media on paper $375

I'm sure you can see how that led me to where I am today. Gregg really helped me fine tune my talent and has helped shaped who I am as an artist and designer today. For those of you in Atlanta, I highly suggest stopping by her gallery at the new location.

996 Huff Road, Ste. D
Atlanta, GA 30318

From Howell Mill, pass Lewis and Sheron and we are the second driveway on your left next door to Anne Flaire Antiques! 

And if you are around Feb 20th then I insist you go to the gallery grand opening party! They will have work from all of the gallery artists plus some new artists that are sure to please. My piece above will be there as well. Your walls will be happy you went! Not to worry, your wallet will too! Gregg hosts work in all types of price ranges making affordable art a reality. The gallery is low key so feel free to sip on some wine, relax with the artists that are going to be at the show and chat a little with your fellow art lovers. I'll be there with my husband and little bae for the first half of the night so be sure to say hello if you spot me!

A look inside the new space.

A look inside the new space.

xxoo - Hailey

Arts ATL 30 Under 30

30 Under 30: Hailey Lowe Fennell’s photos trace “diminishing line between man and nature”

September 27, 2013TEXT SIZE


Check out the article with pictures here. Text Below.

Two white orbs, like headlights, glow at the top of the black-and-white photograph. They are the eyes of a fox, suddenly conscious, alert, as if it knows it is being hunted. Below its snow-covered feet, blurred horizontal bands stretch across the composition. Embedded within the bands, a ghostlike image of the fox repeats itself twice, haunting the landscape. A lone, barely discernible tree in the background bears witness to the scene.

The motion sensor camera that captured this moment belongs to multimedia artist Hailey Lowe Fennell. Born and raised in Atlanta, Fennell, 27, earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in sculpture from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta in 2011. She was excelsus laureate, the equivalent of valedictorian.

“Hailey opened up new avenues of examination related to the natural world, urban geography and mapping that still resonate in the department to this day,” says Sculpture Department Chair Susan Krause.

Since than, Fennell has racked up a number of exhibition credits, including “Talent Loves Company” at Barbara Archer Gallery (which also featured “30 Under 30″ subjects Bethany Collins and Aubrey Longley-Cook and the recently profiled Stephanie Dowda), “Groundstory” at Agnes Scott College’s Dalton Gallery and an exhibition of work by those in the 2012-13 class of WonderRoot’s Walthall Fellows at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia. Fennell’s work is on display at Kibbee Gallery through Saturday, September 28, in “Outdated,” a two-artist show with Collins. There will be a closing reception from 7 to 9 p.m.

Though she recently moved to Charleston, the artist remains connected to her home town. “Atlanta will always be a place I return to for work and projects,” Fennell says. “Not only is my family still in Atlanta, but the city is close to hiking trails, mountains and nature, which makes it a very special place [for my kind of art].”

The environment is the foundation for her compositions. Whether she’s filming in Serenbe, the North Georgia mountains or Colorado (she earned her BFA from the University of Colorado), her first task is to find the right site, one that’s in a no-hunting zone. Then she sets a salt lick as bait a few feet from a camera she has strapped to a tree. When the camera detects movement for a minimum of 10 seconds, often when the animals are inspecting the salt lick, it begins recording and will continue to record for one minute as long as the movement is continuous.

The salt lick, visible on camera, is shaped like a typewriter. Fennell credits the odd form to a utopian vision described in Richard Brautigan’s poem “All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace”“a cybernetic meadow / where mammals and computers / live together in mutually / programming harmony. …” I hope to better understand how to find balance between nature and our human tendencies toward technology,” the artist says.

Last December, Fennell ventured off a trail in a nature preserve in Breckenridge, Colorado, where her sister lives, and eventually found a small clearing that was covered with animal prints in the snow. She set up the camera and salt lick, turned on the camera and left it there for four weeks. Her sister retrieved the camera and shipped it back to her.

In the editing room, Fennell transformed the Breckenridge video into the stills that make up “Outdated Machines of the Mountain West,” her work at Kibbee Gallery. She has overlaid some of the stills of animals with images suggesting the white noise signals one used to see on analog television sets.

Ben Goldman, Kibbees director, believes Fennell’s work introduces a critical conversation about the intersection between technology and nature. Because the types of animals she captures on video, often foxes and deer, tend to encroach on areas inhabited by humans, Goldman sees Fennell as a pioneer in the study of “the diminishing line between man and nature.”

Her love of nature is rooted in her childhood. “I spent summers on my grandparents’ farm in Alabama, where my sisters, cousins and I would plan archaeological digs in the fields,” she says. “We would find animal bones, rocks, feathers and, if we were lucky, an arrowhead or old horseshoe…. We loved going to the Chattahoochee, kayaking, fishing and hiking the trails, as well as skiing and mountain climbing out West.” 

From the age of five, until her grandparents sold their farm when she was 14, Fennell watched deer with her mother. They “would sit in the hunting stands at dusk and wait for the deer to come out into the cornfield to feed,” she remembers.

It was there that she first encountered hunting cameras with motion sensors, the crucial piece of equipment for her present artistic endeavors. In late 2010, when Fennell had lost interest in her more traditional forms of sculpture, those memories of watching animals, Richard Brautigan’s poetry and her adoption of video gave her a way forward.

Her ambition is global. “I would love to do more work around the world,” says the artist, who has already spent time shooting in Italy. “Each place has its own essence and balance between technology and nature.… I have a dream of being able to track certain animals, like coyotes, and capture them on my camera as they move in and out of the cities we have built around them.”

- See more at:

Website ReVamp, Weddings & a Baby

It may have taken me some time, but I have finally revamped my website. It has been a long time coming, but I got caught up in the midsts of life. So let's play a little catch up...

About two years ago I made the move from Atlanta to Charleston to live with my then fiancé (now husband) and take on the next big adventure of my life - choosing to live a life with someone who I am madly in love with no matter the twists and turns. As we both have a little vagabond in us, we talked about moving back to Atlanta several times. My side of the family still lives there - my older sister had just had twin boys! They needed their Auntie Foo (that's me)! My little sister was moving back home from Breckenridge to start Grad School at GSU - someone to finally help me navigate the ATL bar scene! And my mom, the answer to all who want to see inside amazing Buckhead homes (I know you do), had just bought a new home in her neighborhood Garden Hills.

Things were at a great place in my art career. I had just completed the first Walthall Fellowship that was funded through Wonderoot in Atlanta. I left my gallery job of three years at the amazing Gregg Irby Fine Art but the gallery decided to represent me and carry my works on paper and canvas.

How could we not move back? But two years later the salt life has sucked us in. We bought a boat, got married in a castle by the sea (not as cheesy as it sounds), sold the boat, bought a lot, built a house and had a baby. Not to skim over the details, I'm just saving them for future posts.

So while I am here in Charleston, which may be forever, I will be creating new work, posting about our adventures, my love for all things design and letting the world in on some other things that are in the works as I write. 

Feel free to contact me with questions and visit Gregg Irby Fine Art in Atlanta to see some in person or on the web here.