My Mom is Pretty Cool.

In honor of Valentine's week (yea I'm a big fan of this day!) I'd like to share a little about a few of the loves in my life. First up...

Ma to me - Nene to my sweet daughter. There are a lot of reasons why I love my mom so much. So I'll try to cover just a few. 

Janey Lowe, The Lowe Baumann Group, Image from This Photographer's Life Blog

Janey Lowe, The Lowe Baumann Group, Image from This Photographer's Life Blog

She knew I was an artist before I did. She has always encouraged me to nourish my creativity. She even told me I should major in Fine Art in college, advice I didn't take until grad school. There are not many parents that encourage their kids to be artists, but my mom is head of the committee. She majored in Art History in college, so the fact that she's a fan of my work means a lot to me. Some may argue that she has to be my biggest fan as my mom, and you're right - she does. But, she's also rather honest and isn't afraid to tell me what she thinks is working and what is not. She's not blunt, she's confidant and I love her for that. 

As some of you know Janey Lowe, the original J. Lowe, is a hot real estate agent in Atlanta. I mean that in both senses of the word :). She's number one company wide at Beacham and her team always has some enviable homes at their fingertips. 

I grew up going to open houses and popping in homes under construction with my mom, whether or not we had permission. As a kid, I loved going on these little adventures and getting to peek inside some truly amazing Atlanta homes. Honestly, I've seen hundreds and feel lucky to have been raised by the women who sold them all! I've seen remodeled and renovated vintage homes from the 1920's to brand new moderns all strewn about Buckhead and greater Atlanta. Now, I have an obsession with seeing how other people style their homes, renovate, build and redo. (It's a good thing I married a builder.) I'm constantly inspired by all the little details. 

I also want to point out that my mom has mad style. Both in her closet and her home. On a weekend visit to Atlanta, you can find me awing at her shoe collection. Read more about that on Blayne's blog, This Photographer's Life, here. I can honestly say that her keen eye and love for statement pieces plays a major role in how I work as a designer and artist today. Love you, Ma!

P.S. Follow her team on Instagram @lowebaumanngroup  to see behind the scenes looks at some Atlanta homes! 

Want more than just a peek inside some of her homes for sale? Go ahead, be a voyeur - click here