ART PAPERS Auction + FREE ART From Me!

Im a little bummed I won't be able to make it to the ART PAPERS auction this year. But I'll be hanging with my new little bae so I'll be okay :). This year I'll just live through you and your Instagram!

In honor of ART PAPERS new auction location, 

BoBo Intriguing Objects in Atlanta’s Westside Design District - 1235 Chattahoochee Ave NW Atlanta 30318

I've donated a rather large film still (27"x40") and I can't wait to see who snags it up at the auction. Tickets available now - Feb 20&21 in Atlanta. 


I am excited to see all the pictures you post! And in case you haven't already heard from my Instagram account {@metallicseafoam} I've decided to give away even more art! Whoever snags my piece at the auction with the highest bid at closing time, takes an Instagram pic using the hashtag #haileylowefennell and follows my account @metallicseafoam will be sent another film still from me - framed, about 16"x20", free!

Okay so you bid on my piece but didn't win? Well, I have some extra small 4"x6" film stills laying around my studio that I oh so need to organize! So - why don't you snap an Instagram in front of my piece, use the hashtag #haileylowefennell and I'll send you one on me. 

Didn't bid on my work? I'll forgive. Repeat the steps above and I'll honor the same thing - a free little piece from me to you! Just by snapping a pic next to my work!

After I see all your hashtags and pics from that night I'll contact you for your address. Afraid I didn't see it? Shoot me an email or comment on my Instagram - I'm always there. 

Happy auctioning! Win some good ones and show me what you got!!

xxoo, Hailey 

see you on Instagram @metallicseafoam